Born from the complicity of two sisters

The origin of this eyewear line, which sounds like a trendy ready-to-wear label, lies in the talent and, above all, the complicity of two sisters. The adventure began when Margaux, a young woman with a passion for fashion, designed eyewear for Clémence, who is visually impaired. Very quickly, Clémence brought her own inspiration to the design: the Clémence & Margaux brand was born! Today, this charming duo designs frames with an architecture that is both contemporary and retro, blending freshness, glamour, fantasy and attention to detail, the kind that makes a difference and makes you unique. Through their creations, Clémence and Margaux appeal to modern, witty women: women who look like them, in a way.

Clémence and Margaux, the two young sisters who created the eponymous line, offer eyewear models with a unique spirit, in the image of their tandem. The strength of this CCO brand collection lies in Clémence and Margaux's magical complicity, but also on the fields from which the two young women draw their inspiration: fashion and design.

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